Linux is an Operating System is gaining industry wide popularity because of the low cost required to get the systems/servers up and running. Even White House uses Linux for most of its servers. Companies are increasingly shifting towards Linux for it is easy to integrate within the organizations existing architecture and does not requires special hardware solutions to bring up large server farms.


From our experience working in the Industry across various Domains, we have found all the major technologies using Java/J2EE for developing business logic and we have expertise in Java/J2EE. We like to play on our strengths.

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Business Analysis

All projects in an Organization require a Team to succeed, A Business Analyst is an Integral part of the team and hence we feel students should be given options to pursue Business Analysis course to understand the roles and responsibilities that come along with it. This role based training will help them fit into any organization with ease and perform their job duties without hesitation.

Project Management

Our Project Management consultant is highly qualified and Certified Project Manager with active working experience in JP Morgan Chase, Sony Pictures and State Government of Ohio USA. Project Management is a ubiquitous part of any project across various Domains. Out project Management training delivers a comprehensive curriculum that will help experienced professionals increase their knowledge and perform at a global standard level.

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Docmumentum Technology

Documentum is an Enterprise Content Management System and is being used by all the government Agencies in USA. Mainly Used by Regulated Industries such as Department of State, Energy Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Defense Sector, Financial and Insurance companies, Legal Organizations. Documentum is mainly used to store data securely and can accommodate terabytes of data on a small landscape of servers.